Rugby Sculpture Makes its Move Tonight

4 August 2011

The sculpture commissioned by Wellington City Council for the city's hosting of Rugby World Cup 2011 (RWC 2011), created by Richard Taylor's Weta Workshop, will be craned into Jack Ilott Green tonight.

Wellington's commuters will be able to see the sculpture as they travel into work tomorrow morning.

The sculpture's temporary home on Jack Ilott Green, at the intersection of Jervois Quay and Harris Street, serves to further promote RWC 2011 and its importance to Wellington as a major host city.

The scene portrayed by the sculpture symbolises Wellington's geographical position where the Tasman Sea and Pacific Ocean meet in Cook Strait, as well as a highly pivotal moment of any rugby game with players shown contesting a line-out.

Work has been timed for late at night to cause minimal disruption to traffic and won't be noisy. Following the installation, the site will be fenced while landscaping and related work takes place.

The formal ceremony to officially mark the completion of work on the site and acknowledge those who have contributed to this high-profile project will be held at 10.00am on Saturday 13 August. Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown and Richard Taylor will attend.