Recycling Efforts Benefit the City

15 August 2011

The new recycling scheme has been in place for three months now and we are recycling more than the same time last year - so thank you Wellingtonians!

Family fun at the Open Day

Recycling collector empties glass into one of the modified recycling trucks

CitiOperations Manager Mike Mendonca says the introduction of the new recycling, sorting and collecting system has resulted in greater quantities of recyclables that can be sold and reprocessed. That's good for the environment and city finances.

After a few initial teething problems, the new system is working well. Most people have got the hang of separating out glass, which has been instrumental in better yields and cleaner, safer recycling.

All the glass collected is of use now - whereas before, up to half of it was not able to be recycled or it contaminated other products.

Clean recycling means that the products have greater value.

Mike says that with recycling volumes up, and 80 percent of what we collect now processed in New Zealand - compared with only about 20 percent in the past, the new system is paying dividends.

"It was costing us about $50,000 a month to process the recyclables," he says. "Now we are making about $100,000 a month from their sale, which is a big turn around."

If current trends continue, the city will make more than a $1 million a year from selling recyclables, funding about a quarter of the cost of the collection service.

Please help us improve on that - and avoid the risk of a $400 fine - by making sure your recycling materials are clean and your bin or bag doesn't include general rubbish.

The more you recycle and the better your sorting, the greater the return to our city both economically and environmentally.

Keep up the good work and if in doubt, call us on (04) 499 4444.

Help Us Recycle More Wellington Waste

  • Remember that the green bags and recycling bins are for recycling only - no general rubbish please.
  • Only put clean paper, cardboard, plastic, tins and cans in your wheelie bins and recycling bags.
  • Glass goes out on alternate weeks and must be in an old-style green recycling crate - if you don't have one, phone us.