Wellingtonians can Take a Seat in the 'burbs

25 July 2011

Over the last few months Wellington City Council has installed a number of seats and benches along popular walking routes and bus stops mainly in the southern and eastern suburbs and the Aro Valley.

Some of the seats are made of environmentally friendly and recycled plastics and are extremely hard wearing - this means they are easy to clean and can be quickly rid of graffiti. Other benches are made of timber with steel frames.

Two seats installed outside the hospital in Mein Street, Newtown, are proving popular for hospital staff on breaks. Another seat on the opposite side of the road is well-used by parents who sit in the sun and wait for the three o'clock bell to ring at Newtown School.

Due to popular demand, a park bench has been installed near the car park along Calabar Road, just north of Caledonia Street. This bench is prime real estate for plane-watching as well as resting if you're going for a long evening stroll.

Several new benches at Wakefield Park on Adelaide Road will be a dream for sport lovers now the new artificial sportsfields are open.

And students are now able to enjoy the new seats on Hanson and John Streets, near the Te Whaea: National Dance and Drama Centre. These seats provide a great resting spot for those needing to take a breather or just waiting for the bus.

"These seats are a real asset to help maintain Wellington as the most liveable city in New Zealand," says Acting Mayor Ian McKinnon.

"Wellington is a great city to get around, especially for walking, and if these seats make that experience easier and more enjoyable then I'm all for it," he says.

The seats are financed out of the Council's $300,000 Street Furniture budget. Last year we also used this money to upgrade a lot of older seats around the city.

The following locations are just some of the places we have installed new seats recently:


  • 52 Riddiford Street (outside the Cancer Society)
  • 16 Mein Street (outside the hospital)
  • 8 Adelaide Road (at the bus stop)
  • 380 Adelaide Road (outside Wakefield Park)
  • Hanson Street and John Street intersection


  • 34 Luxford Street (next to the bus stop)

Aro Valley

  • 3 Aro Street

Mount Cook

  • 82 Wallace Street (at the bus stop)
  • Wallace Street and Hutchison Road intersection

Mount Victoria

  • 5 and 6 Elizabeth Street (at the bus stops)


  • Between 42 and 56 Devonshire Road


  • Calabar Road (Airport runway lookout near car park)