Looking for Local Heroes

12 July 2011

We're looking for special people who make our city and neighbourhoods a safer place to be. We want to recognise their work or act of bravery that made a difference in someone's life.

Laura Kwan saved Wallace Rameka when he had a heart attack on the Stadium walkway

Laura Kwan saved Wallace Rameka when he had a heart attack on the Stadium walkway

If you know of someone who has shown initiative or acted with courage then why not nominate them for Wellington's seventh Safety in the City awards.

Mayor Celia Wade-Brown says there are amazing things going on in our community and some residents are working tirelessly to keep their neighbourhood safe.

"We'd like the community to tell us about deserving recipients - people who have shown bravery or initiative in a particular situation, or who have worked hard to keep Wellington and Wellingtonians safe," says the Mayor.

"We are asking the emergency services and other organisations for nominations but sometimes the best stories involve people just looking out for their neighbourhoods. That's why we're appealing for input from the wider community."

Nominees should be residents of Wellington city or people whose actions have contributed to safety in the city.

Last year's winners included surfers who tried to save an injured friend, an off-duty doctor who saved a man having a heart attack, a child who warned of a tsunami, and victim support workers who help people every day.

The awards will be presented at a ceremony in the Town Hall in September.

Send your nominations by 31 July to Emma Titcombe:

Or phone Emma on (04) 803 8200 for more information.

We need:

  • the name, address (if known) and contact details of the person or organisation you're nominating
  • a description of what they did or do
  • a short biography
  • your name, address and contact details.