New Cycle-Friendly Drain Covers

13 June 2011

Wellington City Council is helping make wobbly rides a thing of the past by installing new cycle-friendly drain covers.

Cyclist tests out one of the new cycle-friendly drains

Cyclist tests out one of the new cycle-friendly drains

Thin tyres can get stuck between the bars of traditional storm drains - and in some cases, throw cyclists off their bike.

One option is to fit drain covers so the bars run at right angles to the kerb.

This helps cyclists stay on their bike, but significantly reduces the amount of water collected, keeping more water on the road.

A better solution? The wavy drain covers we've just fitted. The new covers have been designed to collect as much water as traditional drains - the grooves run in the same direction as the flow of water - but even the thinnest tyres run straight over them.

We've already fitted 10 new covers, and we're asking cyclists to let us know where else they should go.

If you know of any potentially hazardous drain covers, email with the drain's location, including which side of the road it's on.