Draft Annual Plan

27 June 2011

We asked for your feedback and we got it - 789 submissions - the most we have received for a draft Annual Plan since 2007. Just under 80 percent of submissions came from people who have never made a submission before, with an increasing number - 27 percent - of young people (aged 18 - 29) taking part.

Opening hours at Central Library remain almost the same

Opening hours at Central Library remain almost the same

You said you didn't want parking charges in the central business district increased and Councillors have listened - unanimously recommending that the full Council - which meets tomorrow night - leaves parking charges as they are.

You also objected to closing the Central Library at 7.00pm on weeknights. Again, Councillors listened, voting to keep the Central Library open till 8.30pm on weeknights, although they have recommended it closes at 8.30pm on Fridays rather than 9.00pm.

The committee also agreed to replace the number-two artificial turf at the National Hockey Stadium ($850,000) and spend $50,000 on planning and consent work for a new artificial turf at Alex Moore Park in Johnsonville. The committee is also recommending an extra $250,000 for cycling and walking paths and $145,000 to upgrade McMillan Court in Newlands.

If the draft plan recommended by the committee is approved tomorrow night, the average rates increase will be around 3 - 4 percent. See below for increases in fees and charges.

Mayor Celia Wade-Brown says Councillors have managed to keep rates low in the face of significant budget pressures, including:

  • the Council's leaky homes liability
  • rising insurance costs
  • significant inflation in costs of materials, including oil-based products and fuel
  • interest and depreciation costs on Council assets.

Fees & Charges Increases

As part of the draft Annual Plan process, Councillors have recommended the following increases in fees and charges from Friday 1 July for the 2011/12 year. The new costs are subject to final approval at tomorrow's full Council meeting.

We charge fees for some Council services - using the swimming pool, building consents, rubbish collections, or using the city's recreation centres. The fees are set at a level so that those individuals that directly benefit from a service pay an appropriate contribution towards the cost of providing that service - the rest is paid for by the ratepayer.

As costs increase to deliver a service, we need to increase our fees proportionately to cover this. If we did not do that, ratepayers would be providing a greater subsidy - which isn't ideal.

Here are some of the increases:

  • Rubbish bags - $2.20 (up 10 cents)
  • City Archives - digital copies: $2 (new fee)
  •  Swimming pool admission - adult swim $5.70 (up 10 cents), child swim $3.50 (up 10 cents), family pass (two adults, up to three children) $15 (up 50 cents)
  • Building control and facilitation - additional inspection fee (small works) $112.50 (up $9), lodging fee for building consents $95 (up $3).

For a full list of building consent related fees, phone (04) 801 4311 or visit the first floor of the Council offices for an updated fees booklet.

Other areas where fees are increasing include sportsfields, synthetic turf sportsfields, marinas, burials and cremations, public health regulations, development control and facilitation and transport control and management.

A full list of proposed fees and charges is available in the appendices to the 2011/12 Annual Plan. The plan will be available online following tomorrow's Council meeting. Go to:

Council meeting - 29.06.11