Council to Consider School Recycling Programmes

8 June 2011

Wellington City Council is considering an approach to support recycling in schools and early childcare centres.

"We are delighted to have a number of schools in the Enviroschools programme. We want to build on this enthusiasm and see how the Council can work with schools on recycling and waste reduction," Mayor Wade-Brown commented.

This school term, Wellington City Council will trial 15 schools including early childhood centres, across Wellington. Recycling bags will be collected each week from participating schools. They will then be weighed to determine how much is recycled weekly and the findings will be shared with participating schools. It will be a great opportunity for participating schools to engage the children to learn more about recycling.

Mike Mendonca, City Operations Managers says that "there will be an extra focus on safety - as collecting from schools is different than the method in place for household pick-up. We have to be aware of what time of day we do the collection. Generally household collection happens right at the time when children are arriving at school, which is not optimal for school pick-up."

Mayor Wade-Brown thinks it's a win-win situation. "We have to engage people from a young age. If they are interested and passionate about recycling at this point, chances are it will carry over into their adult lives.

"Subsequent to the conclusion of the trial, I'm keen that other schools will be considered if they have a commitment to waste reduction."

The Mayor expects a commitment to waste reduction and recycling to be made in August when the Council agrees the Regional Waste Management Plan.