Time to Show Off Your Fair Trade Swap

4 May 2011

Since 2009 Wellington has been a Fair Trade City and was the first Fair Trade Capital City in the Southern Hemisphere. Fair Trade Fortnight, New Zealand's biggest annual celebration of all things fair trade, is on again from Saturday 7 May - Sunday 22 May.

Kiwis are encouraged to get loud and proud about how swapping to fair trade products makes a huge difference to millions of farmers, workers and their families in developing countries.

The theme for this year's event is 'Show Off Your Swap'. The message is to talk up your tea, create a stir about your coffee, go bananas and bake your workmates a fair trade cake, and strut your cotton stuff or make that jewellery sparkle - all in the name of fair trade.

Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown is a keen supporter of fair trade.

"Fair trade is an exciting win-win for our city and for the fortunes of the people who produce the fair trade products we are buying."

"A number of new businesses are springing up around Wellington based on models of fair trade and sustainable business practice. They add to the style and atmosphere of our city and also help towards the well-being of many of the coffee, cocoa, tea, sugar and banana growers and artisans in developing countries."

Sales of fair trade products have taken off and larger companies such as Whittaker's Chocolate, based in Porirua, have introduced fair trade chocolate in their range of products.  

Since Wellington led the way in introducing fair trade bananas to the New Zealand market during last year's Fair Trade Fortnight, one million fair trade bananas have been sold. This is something to 'show off' about and Fair Trade Fortnight 2011 is the time to do it.

Mayor Wade-Brown will launch Fair Trade Fortnight in Wellington with a fair trade afternoon tea on Saturday 7 May at the Council Chambers.

Find out about events during the fortnight at:

Fair Trade Wellington website