Insulated Homes

23 May 2011

A Mount Cook couple is looking forward to a warmer winter and lower energy bills thanks to insulation partly funded by the Council.

Danling Feng and her baby are much warmer now their home is insulated

Danling Feng and her baby are much warmer now their home is insulated

Danling Feng and her husband Rongguang Tang recently had under-floor and ceiling insulation installed in their 1920s house under the Government's Warm Up New Zealand scheme.

As Community Service Card holders, the single-income family also qualified for top-up Council funding. The couple - who have a seven-month-old baby - have already noticed a big difference.

"With wooden floors, our house was cold and draughty," Danling says. "It's much more comfortable now and easier to heat. We no longer have to have our gas heater turned up high and sometimes it gets so warm we can turn it off."

Almost everybody with a house built before 2000 can get a Government subsidy on insulation and $500 off a heat pump or other clean-heating appliance. Renters can also apply if their landlord agrees.

Top-up funding for Community Services Card holders can bring insulation costs down to as low as $300 - sometimes even lower. Wellington company Eco Insulation can let you know if you qualify, and provide you with a free quote - phone (04) 237 5202 or email for more information.

Other householders can phone 0800 749 782 for a list of service providers - they'll arrange for a free quote and help you access the subsidies - or go to:

Energywise website

You can also apply to pay the balance through your rates bill - email or phone 0800 496 734 for more information or go to:

Greater Wellington Regional Council website