Warm Up Wellington

4 April 2011

Living in a cold, damp home and not looking forward to winter?

Keeping warm can be a struggle - the insulation and heating subsidies can help

Keeping warm can be a struggle - the insulation and heating subsidies can help

Then it's a good time to consider the insulation and heating subsidies on offer through the Warm Up New Zealand scheme. Almost everyone with a house built before 2000 can get a Government subsidy and we have top-up funding available to assist Community Services Card holders.

The top-up funding brings the cost of insulation right down to about $300 to $600 (costs can vary from this depending on the size of your home) and people renting can apply provided the property owner agrees.

The easiest way for card holders to find out more is to contact Eco Insulation by phoning (04) 237 5202 or emailing enquiries.wgtn@ecoinsulation.co.nz. The company is contracted to do the work and staff will visit, check whether your home qualifies and provide a free, no-obligation quote.

For everyone else, the subsidies will cover one-third of the cost of insulation (up to $1300) and $500 off a heat pump or other clean heating appliance. However, you need to get your insulation sorted before you're eligible for the heating subsidies.

Your first port of call should be the ECCA Energywise website or phone 0800 749 782. Contact one or more of the registered service providers listed to arrange free quotes. These companies will help you to access the subsidies and explain how you can apply to pay the balance off through your rates bill if you need to.

EECA Energywise website

For more information on the rates offer phone 0800 496 734 during normal office hours, email warm@gw.govt.nz or go to:

Home Insulation and Clean Heating Assistance - Greater Wellington Regional Council website

Act now so that you have a healthier home that is cheaper and easier to heat.