Recycling Collection Update

21 April 2011

Properties which have been assessed as unsuitable for a wheelie bin due to terrain and/or access problems will receive 26 recycling bags instead. These will start to be delivered from 2 May.

Don't put your new wheelie bin or recycling bags out before 16 May

Don't put your new wheelie bin or recycling bags out before 16 May

Remember the new kerbside recycling collection service doesn't begin until 16 May, and it's important not to put out the new wheelie bin or recycling bags before this date.

If you don't want your wheelie bin, then give us a call on (04) 499 4444 and we will organise to collect it.

An information pack, including a collection calendar, will be provided with the bins and bags explaining how the new service will work, and what can and can't be recycled.

Some of the benefits of the change include increasing the amount of recycling collected, reducing wind-blown litter and improving the safety of the service. We can now collect all grades of plastic.

Your recycling collection day will remain the same - however the wheelie bins and bags will be collected on alternate weeks to the glass recycling crate.

Refer to the collection calendar to see which recycling to put out each week.

For further information phone (04)499 4444 or visit:

Recycling - Suburban Collection Changes