Recycling Bags Set for Delivery

29 April 2011

Around 34,000 households in Wellington city have received the new 140-litre recycling wheelie bins. The delivery of around 26,000 recycling bags to city households, most assessed as unsuitable for a bin, is scheduled to start from Monday 2 May.

Wellington City Council's Infrastructure Director, Stavros Michael, says if households haven't yet received a bin it is likely that they will receive an initial supply of 26 recycling bags instead due to terrain or access problems.

Mr Michael says, however, that some properties are still being assessed more closely for suitability.

Those households receiving recycling bags will be entitled to a total of 52 free bags a year - two bags are equivalent to one full recycling bin. There will be a small charge for bags in excess of the free yearly allocation.

The new kerbside recycling collection service will begin from 16 May and Mr Michael says it is important people do not put their wheelie bin or recycling bags out before this date.

"We've had a few cases with people putting their recycling bins out already and while this does show that people are really keen to start with the new collection service, it is premature."

Mr Michael says there will be some trial and error with introducing the new system and does not expect it to be perfect on day one.

"We will continuously review the allocation of the bins and bags while the service is settling in over the next six months. We anticipate making some corrections."

People's recycling collection day will remain the same - however the wheelie bins and bags will be collected on alternate weeks to the green recycling crates - which will now be used only for glass. Recycling will only be collected from approved Council containers.

"People should refer to the calendar they receive with their bin or bags to see which recycling to put out each week. We have split the city into two collection calendars - half the city will start with the glass crate collection and the other half will start with the wheelie bin and bag collection."