Paying for Services Used

11 April 2011

We're considering modest increases to some user fees and charges - for example what we charge for swimming pools, sportsfields, the landfill and parking.

We're proposing a 5 percent increase in landfill charges

We're proposing a 5 percent increase in landfill charges

We charge fees for some services so that individuals who directly benefit from that service (eg swimming) pay an appropriate contribution towards the cost of providing that service. The rest is subsidised by rates.

The modest fee increases that we propose are largely to recover some of the increased costs we face in providing these services.

Increases in Fees & Charges

We have identified the following increases in fees and charges:

  • 18 percent increase in sportsfield user charges (excluding the Berhampore Golf Course)
  • 5 percent increase in landfill fees and household rubbish bags
  • 2.5 percent increase in swimming pool general admissions and learn-to-swim charges
  • 6 percent rise in burial and cremation fees
  • $1 an hour increase in parking rates and extending evening paid parking times on weekdays.

Do you agree with the increase in fees, or do you think we should reduce services to avoid increases in rates and fees and charges?

Draft 2011/12 Annual Plan