Our Proposed Savings

11 April 2011

To keep the rates increase to a reasonable level, we're proposing to make a number of savings.

Proposing an earlier closing time for the Central Library on weekdays

Proposing an earlier closing time for the Central Library on weekdays

To reduce our costs, we first took a hard look at our 'back office' functions and identified $6 million in savings by changing internal structures in some areas, improving procurement processes in others, and by not filling some vacant positions.

We've also looked for further savings in our 'front line' services but have kept any changes at modest levels so the impact is minimal. Through our draft Annual Plan, we propose to defer non-urgent work, spread some work out over a number of years and reduce some services where tolerance is greatest.

This includes:

  • reducing operating hours at the Central Library - closing at 7.00pm rather than 8.30pm on weekdays, as well as closing the ground floor information desk and providing international newspapers in digital format only (savings of $105,000)
  • spreading over four years (instead of two) the grants fund to help local schools to upgrade existing swimming pools ($500,000)
  • reducing the size of Council-controlled company Wellington Waterfront Ltd ($170,000).

These are just some of the measures we're recommending to help keep rates at affordable levels.

For more information, see the 2011/12 draft Annual Plan.

Draft 2011/12 Annual Plan

Do you agree with these measures? Should we reduce services further to keep rates down, or should we keep services the way they are and accept a higher rates increase?

Tell us what you want.

Draft Annual Plan 2011/12 - Submission