Geospatial Information

4 April 2011

We are making a significant amount of our geospatial information available to the public, either free of charge or at very low cost.

An example of the kind of image generated using our free geospatial information

An example of the kind of image generated using our free geospatial information

The data includes aerial photographs of the city, contour lines, building footprints, and locations of our facilities including swimming pools, libraries, public toilets, walking tracks, parks and reserves.

Some hazard information (such as wind zones for building consent structural requirements, tsunami evacuation zones, and potential flood hazard areas) is also available.

Geospatial information is digital location-based data which can be used in specialised software.

Whether you're an architect seeking to produce a realistic model or image of a building in its surrounding landscape, a university student working on a project, an engineer doing a feasibility study, an orienteering club looking for new challenges - or even if you've got a great idea for a new iPhone 'app' - then this geospatial data could be of great use to you.

Before the recent release of this geospatial information, customers were charged for the data on a cost-recovery basis and were obliged to contact us to request it.

To access the information, go to the GIS data page on our website or to the geodata website Koordinates:

GIS Data - Terms and Conditions

Map Layers for Wellington City Council - Koodinates website

If you want to check Council maps but don't need to download geospatial information then visit WebMap:

Maps - Index

The new data has been made available with the help of local company Koordinates Ltd - which hosts geospatial information on behalf of organisations such as Land Information New Zealand and the Ministry for the Environment.

Koordinates provides hosting to the Council for free - and most data is free for the customer - however there is a small fee for aerial photography to help cover storage costs.