Walk to Work Day

7 March 2011

Put a circle on your calendar around Wednesday 16 March. It's Walk2Work Day and we're encouraging all Wellington workers to walk at least part of their way to work.

Walk to work on 16 March, Walk2Work Day

Walk to work on 16 March, Walk2Work Day

7.00am - 9.00am
Wednesday 16 March
Free breakfast at Frank Kitts Park for Walk2Work Day

Walkers will have heaps of company, and we're going to help with some breakfast, entertainment, prizes, coffee and stretches led by Mish Fitness, all at Frank Kitts Park, 7.00am - 9.00am.

You'll get a great reward for your effort; walking can make you and your wallet fitter and healthier, as well as avoiding being stuck in morning traffic.

If you normally walk, and can't make it to Frank Kitts Park, keep an eye out for the stocked-up 'snack stations', which will be located around the city.

Start with small steps - walk to the bus stop or train station rather than drive, or hop off a stop earlier. The average person walks a kilometre in 12 minutes - and most places in the central business district are a kilometre or less away.