Saving Energy

14 March 2011

The Council is committed to reducing the city's greenhouse gas emissions and energy bills - and with Earth Hour coming up it's a good time for everyone to think about how they could use less.

Turn off the lights for Earth Hour at 8.30pm on 26 March

Turn off the lights for Earth Hour at 8.30pm on 26 March

For instance, we recently installed a more efficient boiler at Freyberg Pool and a separate air conditioning system for our 24-hour contact centre. The new boiler means the water and pool building can be heated more efficiently, and the new air conditioner means there is less need to run our main building systems at night.

Mayor Celia Wade-Brown says with Earth Hour coming up on Saturday 26 March (8.30pm - 9.30pm), it's a good time for Wellingtonians to consider what more they can do to help.

"Over the past few years, Earth Hour has helped focus people's attention on climate change and the need for a collective effort," she says. "We're expecting the event to be lower key this year but we all need to keep the momentum up - not just switching off for an hour but by making a concerted effort to curb our fuel and energy use.

"The gas and electricity used in our buildings and homes is the biggest single contributor to Wellington City's greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for about 42 percent of our total emissions. How we get around is the other major contributor (35 percent)."

Mayor Wade-Brown says taking advantage of the home insulation subsidies on offer and making more trips on foot, cycle or by public transport are things people can do to make a difference.

Lights in most Council buildings will be off for Earth Hour unless they are required for safety purposes. The Mayor will be at Carter Observatory where a special hour of telescope viewing is planned.

For more information on the viewing, go to:

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For more information on insulation and heating subsidies:

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