Draft Annual Plan Deliberations Start Tuesday

4 March 2011

A series of meetings will begin on Tuesday (8 March), where Councillors will discuss the 2011/12 draft Annual Plan. The draft Annual Plan outlines how much the Council will spend on the City's services, and sets the rates for the coming financial year (beginning 1 July).

In a bid to keep the coming year's rates increase to a minimum, some minor changes to service levels, and increases to some fees and charges will be considered.

The City Council has been under significant budgetary pressures over the last few years and has since made considerable savings through trimming costs internally. However, factors such as higher than forecast inflation, depreciation costs on Council assets, as well as added extras like the $88m the Council has committed to contributing to fixing leaky homes has necessitated the proposed savings.

Councillors will discuss the savings options and proposed changes to fees and charges from Tuesday. Deliberations - which are open to the public - are likely to last a few days. The meetings take place at the Te Mahanga Room (Committee Room 1) at the Council offices on Wakefield Street.

Once Councillors have agreed on the preferred rates increase and corresponding changes to Council services, the draft Annual Plan will go out for public consultation on Monday 11 April 2011.

Full details of what will be discussed are available:

Strategy and Policy Committee - Reports - Meeting 8.03.11

Alternatively, people can phone (04) 499 4444 for a copy.