Council Seeks CBD Information for RWC 2011

2 March 2011

Wellington's overall preparations for Rugby World Cup 2011 are well under way, and now the City Council wants bars, restaurants, event organisers, fundraisers and others to let them know what they've got planned in the central business district during the Tournament.

The Council's CBD Manager, Robyn Steel, says the city's RWC 2011 organisers are aware of several planned events and activities but a comprehensive overview is needed. "We need to fill in the gaps to complete the picture. Our main aims are to ensure the city is safe and looks good during RWC 2011. We therefore need people to tell us what they want to do and we can work out how it all fits together."

RWC 2011 will run for several weeks so there will be extra demands on some spaces around the central city. The Council is taking a new coordinated approach, asking for Expressions of Interest (EOIs) in events and activities that would use public space in the area. Organisers will still need to complete any standard regulatory or licensing requirements, but the EOI process will help inform responses to those applications.

"Relevant parts of the Council are working together to avoid any potential usage clashes, and to make it easier for everyone at this really important time," says Robyn.

Events and activities include the likes of extensions to liquor licence hours or areas, entertainment, putting up a marquee or other temporary structure such as toilets or fencing, and running a food stall. Public spaces include footpaths, roads, parks and wharf areas.

Responses are due by 5.00pm Friday 25 March. Questions can be directed to Robyn Steel on (04) 499 4444.