Sunday Parking Changes

21 February 2011

Sunday parking in central Wellington is about to get easier.

Serious shoppers will love the idea of easier Sunday parking

Serious shoppers will love the idea of easier Sunday parking

We have made a change that will make it easier for you to shop, do business and have lunch in the central city, or simply take a stroll along the waterfront on Sundays.

From Sunday 6 March, there will be a two-hour time limit on free parking in the city, bringing Sundays into line with Saturdays.

The change allows an estimated 5,440 extra cars to park in the central business district on Sundays, making the central city even more accessible.

Our free parking policy in the city on weekends will continue but with a new two-hour maximum on the 3,400 on-street pay-and display parking spaces in the central city. The change applies only to P120 spaces.

Admittedly, the change means it will no longer be possible to park for free all day in the central city on Sundays - but the fact that many have been doing so means lots of people miss out on a park and the opportunity to spend time in the city shopping, dining or walking along the waterfront.

We introduced free parking in the central city in 1996 to encourage weekend shopping.

The two-hour limit on Saturdays was introduced in 2002 because too many motorists were using the parks all day, preventing other shoppers from getting a park. As the popularity of Sunday shopping in the central city has increased, a similar thing has happened with all-day Sunday parking.

The Council's Infrastructure Director, Stavros Michael, says the policy change is about freeing up car park spaces so more people can enjoy the city on weekends.

"The change is about fairness to give more people access to parking in the CBD on weekends," he says.

"People have been parking for much longer than two hours on Sundays and depriving other motorists of the opportunity to shop and do their business or simply have lunch and take a leisurely walk along the waterfront.

"Shoppers and visitors to the city who want to park for more than two hours on weekends can use the all-day off-street parking options."

Turnover and vacancy surveys show parking vacancy rates on Sundays are at 8 percent, below the 15 percent target set out in the city's parking policy. A 15 percent vacancy rate is the preferred international standard for managing parking to ensure motorists are likely to find a park.

The following streets will be exempt from the changes:

  • Aitken Street
  • Pipitea Street,
  • Kate Shepherd Place
  • Mulgrave Street
  • Molesworth Street.