Second Treasure Shop

11 January 2011

Have you got any unwanted Christmas presents? Give them to the Second Treasure shop at the landfill.

Some items from the Second Treasure Shop.

Some items from the Second Treasure Shop.

Do you need some interesting holiday reading? Again, the Second Treasure shop can help you out - there's an endless amount of interesting books for just a dollar.

The Council's Waste Management and Education Manager, Donna Sherlock, says a lot of stuff is delivered to the shop at this time of year.

"Those having a break who haven't gone on holiday tend to get to work on their home and garden. So while you're dropping off stuff at the landfill, make sure to think about the Second Treasure shop - not everything you're throwing out is rubbish and could go to a good home," says Donna.

The shop has all sorts of gems - furniture, electrical equipment, accessories, toys, tools, books, sports equipment and bric-a-brac. So whether you're students setting up a flat on the cheap, or you have an hour to spare to trawl through all the stuff we have for an absolute bargain, make sure to pay the shop a visit.

The Second Treasure shop is located on Landfill Road, off Happy Valley Road, between Brooklyn and Owhiro Bay, and is open Monday to Sunday.