Road Closures

31 January 2011

We've got a lot coming up this weekend: the NZI Sevens; Waitangi Day; the opening of the Wharewaka o Poneke; and a farewell to the Velux 5 Oceans round-the-world yacht race competitors.

Costume fun at the NZI Rugby Sevens

Costume fun at the NZI Rugby Sevens

Wellington City Council City Events Manager Lauren Fantham says all events are expected to draw huge crowds to the city centre over the weekend.

"Thousands of people come to Wellington every year for the Sevens, and it's no wonder - the International Rugby Board recently named the Wellington Sevens as the tournament that sets the world standard for the series - a wonderful tribute.

"Between that and all the other events taking place this weekend - it's going to be a very busy time for the capital, and this of course means extensive road closures," she says.

Road closures will be in place on Thursday at lunchtime along Lambton Quay and Willis Street for the NZI Sevens Parade. If you work or live in the area, pop outside and cheer on the 16 international teams as they're welcomed to the city.

Road Closures Map (91Kb PDF)

And as you can see by the map above, Courtenay Place and some of the surrounding streets is a no-go area for motorists this weekend. Lauren says these closures are put in place to help Sevens revellers enjoy Wellington's nightlife after things wrap up at the stadium, as well as in the interest of safety.

"The Council is also exploring ways to deal with the safety of large crowds, so we're blocking pedestrian access to Courtenay Place from both ends from 9.00pm on Saturday night. People are invited to enter the NZI Sevens Street Party from Tory Street.

"And I also need to remind people that the 24-hour liquor ban in the central city still stands - so don't bring your own drinks along - and especially no glass. There are plenty of places that can serve alcohol to you if you wish. We've granted consent to some restaurants and bars in the area to place extra seating outside, so it'll be a great atmosphere."

The map also indicates changes to bus stops and taxi stand locations during this time. For more information on buses, go to:

Metlink website

All road closures will be lifted at 6.00am on Sunday 6 February. Lauren says there could still be traffic problems in the city centre that day, as all the events taking place on the waterfront are likely to attract a lot of people.

"So if you need to drive through the city centre, make sure you leave in good time to get to your destination. As for going to the events on the waterfront - it's highly recommended that you leave your car at home and use public transport or walk to the city centre. It's likely there'll be little parking to be found."

Events & Road Closures

Thursday 3 February - Rugby Sevens Street Parade

Road closures for the parade assembly - 9.00am to 1.30pm:

  • Stout Street (between Lambton Quay and Ballance Street - access to Creative N.Z. dock-way maintained)
  • Ballance Street (between Lambton Quay and Stout Street - access for Court vehicles maintained) for the parade assembly.  The majority of the Parade will assemble in the closed areas of Stout Street and Ballance Street's and the overflow in other car parking areas of Ballance Street.  Parking will be restricted from 6.00am.

Road closures for the parade - 12.40pm to 1.40pm:

  • Lambton Quay (between Whitmore Street and Willis Street)
  • Willis Street (between Lambton Quay / Willeston Street intersection and Manners Street)
  • Mercer Street (between Willis Street and Victoria Street)
  • Victoria Street (between Harris Street and Mercer Street, includes Mercer Street/Wakefield Street intersection drop off area)
  • Wakefield Street (northern side, between Victoria Street and Cuba Street)

Parade route:

  • Departs at 12:45pm from the corner of Ballance Street and Lambton Quay and proceeds via Lambton Quay, Willis Street, and Mercer Street to Civic Square.   

Thursday 3 February - WelTec Graduation Procession

Rolling road closure - route:

  • Departs at 5.45pm from Civic Square (Mercer Street end) and proceeds via Wakefield Street to the Michael Fowler Centre. Approximately 150 graduates. 

Saturday 5 February & Sunday 6 February - Rugby Sevens Street Party

Road closure - from 5.00pm Saturday 5 February to 6.00am Sunday 6 February:

  • Courtenay Place (all of Courtenay Place from Cambridge Terrace to Taranaki Street)
  • Blair Street (all of Blair Street - limited resident access)
  • Allen Street (all of Allen Street - limited resident access)
  • Tory Street (between Wakefield Street and Forresters Lane - limited resident access)

Road closure - from 9.00pm Saturday 5 February to 6.00am Sunday 6 February:

  • Taranaki Street (between Ghuznee Street and Wakefield Street, includes York Street, Lukes and Halleys Lane - limited resident access)
  • Inglewood Place (all of Inglewood Place - limited resident access to the parking building)
  • Dixon Street (between Courtenay Place and Egmont Street)
  • Manners Street (between Courtenay Place and Lukes Lane)