Pedestrians: Don't Let Movie Shoot Put You Off

19 January 2011

Wellingtonians are reminded that pedestrian access to the Featherston Street area in Wellington's central business district will be maintained this weekend - despite some parts of the area being used for the shooting of a Bollywood action movie.

Shops, bars and cafes in the blocks comprising Waring Taylor, Johnston, Panama and Featherston streets will be open over the weekend. Shoppers and walkers will be able to get to all of these businesses.

Film Wellington Manager Delia Shanly says the presence of the Bollywood film crew in the Capital is fantastic in terms of potential long-term business and tourism impacts, as well as the short-term economic boost it gives the region. "We are however very sensitive to the immediate needs of the local businesses so work very hard to ensure that any impact is minimised."

City Council Infrastructure Director Stavros Michael says there may be some short delays when, mainly for safety reasons, passers-by may be asked to pause while the movie crew does a ?take' - "but generally the area will certainly not be a no-go zone for pedestrians."

Featherston Street and some of the side-streets will, however, be closed to traffic for most of the weekend - including Wellington Anniversary Day on 24 January.

Mr Michael adds that while businesses in the area will still be operating, it's probably not in anyone's best interests if people turn up specifically to watch the movie-making. As a work site there may be times where public need to be out of shot and out of harm's way, he says.

"If we get too many people crowding around the crews then it may cause delays and frustration. My advice is that bystanders will soon get bored by the seemingly slow and repetitive nature of filmmaking - and there are far better things to do in the central business district - like shopping or checking out our cafes and bars."