Lower Speed Limit in Brooklyn

31 January 2011

Next week, motorists will have to slow down to 30 km/h through the Brooklyn shopping centre.

The new speed limit applies to all vehicles at all times and applies on:

  • Cleveland Street from its intersection with Ohiro Road to a point 65 metres west of its intersection with Washington Avenue
  • Ohiro Road from a point 60 metres north of its intersection with Cleveland Street to its intersection with McKinley Crescent
  • Todman Street from its intersection with Ohiro Road to a point 50 metres west of its intersection with Ohiro Road
  • Jefferson and Harrison streets for their entire length.

The new speed limit is part of our plan to reduce the speed limits through most of the city's shopping centres over the next four years. Last year, the speed limit was dropped from 50 km/h to 30 km/h along a section of Tinakori Road and Aro Street and through the Island Bay and Kilbirnie shopping centres.

In Wellington city, around 100 pedestrians are injured each year and 80 percent of those accidents occur were there is heavy pedestrian activity, such as shopping centres.

The Council's Senior Traffic Engineer, Stuart Bullen, says the 30 km/h limit will create a safer and more pleasant environment in Brooklyn for children walking to school and people using the local shops. "Public consultation was carried out late last year with overwhelming support from the community."

Next up - Seatoun, Strathmore and Miramar shopping areas. If the proposals are favoured by the community, the new 30 km/h speed limits are scheduled to go ahead later this year.