Free WiFi on the Waterfront

18 January 2011

It's nearly here. Free waterfront wifi is set to be switched on within the coming week.

Man sitting along waterfront with laptop computer.

Man sitting along waterfront with laptop computer.

It will mean you can head along to the waterfront with your smartphone, laptop or any other internet-friendly device and surf the net by the sea for free. The free wifi will cover the area from Frank Kitts Lagoon, and along the harbour side of the NZX Centre and Te Papa.

The project is the fruit of a partnership between Trade Me and Wellington City Council. Technicians are this week installing the necessary wireless access points around Trade Me's headquarters and on Te Papa, work which is dependent on good weather.

Trade Me is covering all the costs associated with the wireless nodes, bandwidth and maintenance of the service. The Council is covering the cost of installation and electricity.

To prevent unreasonable usage, users will be logged out automatically after two hours, but then they can log on again.

It is thought 500 to 1000 users will log on every day, though numbers are expected to vary depending on weather and events taking place on the waterfront.