Building Consent Changes

25 January 2011

We're changing our building consent process to make it faster and smoother. We've listened to your feedback that the process is slow and complicated, and we're now ready to roll out changes.

Wellington houses.

Wellington houses.

The changes are aimed at giving you clear guidance about the information we need - this will help us to process applications as smoothly as possible.

To speed up the process we'll now send an application right through all our teams at the beginning of the process, instead of one after the other over time. This means we can gather all the questions, list all the extra information needed and get back to customers with a single, coordinated list of questions.

Another innovation is to introduce mandatory meetings before an application is formally lodged. This will apply to a range of the higher-risk, complex projects. We already operate like this for commercial customers and they've found it saves them a lot of time. We're introducing ?quick' building consents for simple, low-risk building projects. We aim to process these in around five days from start to finish.

There's a restricted list of the type of applications we can apply this approach to, including some home renovations.

To make the entire process clearer and easier to understand we've completely revised the building consent application form and related guide booklet.

We believe these changes will make it easier to obtain a building consent. But we still maintain that building consents are about significant investments that will last long into the future - so it's appropriate that the approval process is robust and detailed.

To find out more, view our website. You can also phone us on (04) 801 4311.