Water Conservation

20 December 2010

Water patrols will be out in force in Wellington this summer. Security staff from Recon have been hired to patrol the streets and give information and advice to residents about sprinkler restrictions and water conservation.

Look out for Recon's water patrols - they can advise on saving water

Look out for Recon's water patrols - they can advise on saving water

Strategic Analyst Paul Glennie from Capacity - the Council-controlled organisation that runs our water supply - says it's critical to conserve water wherever we can.

"November rainfall was well below the average, the Hutt River - a major source of Wellingtonians' water - is running low, and water usage soared during the recent dry spell.

All of this resulted in a dramatic rise in water consumption figures - far outstripping supply.

"That means there is a greater reliance on the storage lakes to make up the difference - and of course that's a limited supply."

The usual water restrictions are in place all year for sprinklers. You're allowed to use them 6.00am - 8.00am and 7.00pm - 9.00pm on alternate days. If you have an even-numbered address, you can use sprinklers on even days of the month and vice versa.

You can use a hand-held hose or watering can any time.

Paul says that while infringement notices won't be issued this summer, it may be a possibility next summer.

"Earthquake strengthening work means we'll only have access to one lake next summer, and considering we have just enough to go round in a dry summer with two lakes, we'll be using more stringent methods next time.

"But for now, if you're seen to be breaking any rules or wasting water, they'll just have a friendly chat with you and give you plenty of helpful advice."

For tips on how to conserve water, go to:

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