Update: Water Quality in Harbour and South Coast

30 December 2010

Swimmers at Lyall Bay have been given the all clear after water quality test results came back today.

Pollution warning signs were removed after laboratory tests found the water at Lyall Bay was within Ministry of Environment marine standards.

Swimmers and other recreational users of Wellington Harbour and waters off Wellington's South Coast were yesterday warned to stay out of the water for 24 hours following contamination caused by Tuesday's heavy rain.

But Wellington City Council is urging people to stay clear of the water at Shark Bay, on the eastern side of Evans Bay, and Owhiro Bay for another 24 hours after water sample testing returned contamination levels above Ministry of Environment recommended levels.

As a caution after heavy rain, the Council recommends that people do not swim in coastal recreational waters adjacent to urban areas for 48 hours because of potential adverse public health effects from stormwater and sewage overflow contamination.

The results of further water quality sampling tests at Shark Bay and Owhiro Bay were expected tomorrow morning.