Recycling Options

15 November 2010

If you've been sent a letter about recycling, you have only a few days left to let us know if you don't want a 140-litre recycling bin delivered to you in March.

Council administrator explains the new recycling scheme

Council administrator explains the new recycling scheme

Also, if you feel your property has been incorrectly assessed as unsuitable for a wheelie bin then let us know by phoning (04) 801 4205 or completing the online Recycling Options form on this website and we will undertake a reassessment.

Rubbish and Recycling - Recycling Options Form

CitiOperations Manager Mike Mendonca says the reassessment of properties will be done on a case-by-case basis over the next two months.

"A number of people have contacted us so far about reassessing their property. This will involve us going out and having a look at the property and changing the assessment if appropriate."

Mike says letters were delivered to 60,000 households so it was expected, given the large number, some of these would need to be changed.

"Our original assessments were undertaken by a desktop property analysis and using feedback from our rubbish collectors who are aware of the potential collection issues which are not necessarily obvious to residents."

The assessments took into account factors such as exposure to high winds, steep streets that will not allow bins to be left safely before and after collection, difficult truck access, narrow roads and no access.

Those who opt-out of having a recycling bin, or live on a property assessed as having poor access or terrain, will instead be provided with plastic bags for their recycling.