Pollution in the Duck Pond

29 November 2010

The sun is finally shining and while it may be great weather for painting your house, it's not so good for the ducks at the Botanic Garden.

Visitors to the Duck Pond have been upset by the pollution

Visitors to the Duck Pond have been upset by the pollution

Botanic Garden Manager David Sole says often at this time of year he receives reports of discolouration in the Botanic Garden Duck Pond.

"The pond gets its water from stormwater drains in Northland and Kelburn - prime areas for summer house-painting," says David.

"We think a lot of the discolouration is due to paint or dust entering the stormwater system. It's vital people are aware what goes down the drain ends up straight in our streams, ponds and harbour. It's distressing for children and visitors to the garden to see ducks swimming in polluted water - and the ducks don't like it either."

David says it's an offence to put anything other than rainwater down the drain.

"So we're asking all painting contractors, house-washers, and DIY'ers to do their bit for the ducks and our beautiful streams and harbours by ensuring contaminated water does not enter the stormwater drains."