Manners Mall Nearly Finished

8 November 2010

Buses are due to begin using the new two-way route through Willis and Manners streets from Sunday
28 November and with just three weeks to go, finishing work is well under way.

Pavers are racing against the clock to get the work done in time

Pavers are racing against the clock to get the work done in time

Virtually all of the new trolley bus wiring is up and the last of the footpath paving should be finished by the end of next week.

Over the past week our contractors, Downer, have also been laying new asphalt along the Golden Mile route between Mercer Street and the Taranaki Street intersection. The new busway through Manners Mall is due to be sealed this week.

Council Infrastructure Director Stavros Michael says the first stage of the project has not been without incident but will be finished on time and on budget.

"It's another important step in improving the city's public transport system," he says. "It creates a single, more direct public transport route through the city and more bus-only lanes.

At the times that matter, we will soon have bus-only lanes in one direction all the way from the Lambton bus interchange to the Taranaki Street intersection."

The bands of red that are beginning to appear on the roads adjacent to the Golden Mile indicate where the new 30 kmh speed limit will start. The lower speed limit that is already in force on Lambton Quay and part of Willis Street is being extended. From 28 November, it will also apply to Manners Street and Courtenay Place.

The new bus route means changes for pedestrians, bus users and drivers - to find out more check our Golden Mile project page:

Projects - Restoring the Golden Mile