Making Fairy Light Work of Rubbish Collection

11 November 2010

Courtenay Place revellers might think they're seeing things when they spot a rubbish truck covered in fairy lights - but it's in fact a temporary artwork (one night only - Thursday 18 November) to encourage people to think about waste.

'The Find Another Way Barricade' by Brydee Rood

'The Find Another Way Barricade' by Brydee Rood

Look out for the commercial rubbish collection truck from 11.00pm that night at the corner of Taranaki Street and Courtenay Place - which will have the words 'value' and 'waste' written on its side in flashing solar-powered fairy lights.

Artist Brydee Rood has worked with the Council's local rubbish collection services to bring this work - The Value Waste Procession - to fruition. Brydee says she is interested in the re-enchantment of our everyday processes and habits.

"I'm experimenting with changing how we value our waste. I try to give this ordinary and important aspect of life an extra bit of sparkle and curiosity," says Brydee.

The Value Waste Procession follows Brydee's recent installation at Art in the Dark in Auckland The Find Another Way Barricade, and is Brydee's second temporary artwork in Wellington in the last year. Her work, Te Ra Te Ra Te Ra Black Hole! adorns the hoarding adjoining the construction site of the new 'green' Telecom building, where the old Willis Central building was.

Meanwhile, another temporary art installation in Wellington examines other unglamorous aspects of the city. Wellingtonians are invited to pop into number 83 Kent Terrace for a look into the past.

For Inhabitance, Wellington-based artist Sian Torrington has taken over an abandoned apartment for an installation project that delves into the real and imagined history of the place.

'Inhabitance' by Sian Torrington

'Inhabitance' by Sian Torrington

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During the past seven weeks, Sian has created new drawings and sculptures in response to the architecture and peculiarities of the run-down apartment.

"Ivy creeps, mould spreads, baths empty and fill while water drips," says Sian. "Inhabitance opens the door on an abandoned building and invites you to come and see."

Sian's installation officially opens at 2.00pm on Saturday 20 November and runs until Sunday 28 November. Just head for the red door at number 83 Kent Terrace.

Brydee's work can be followed at:

Brydee Rood - Blogspot website

and Sian is documenting her time at Kent Terrace at:

Allmeaningisthelineyourdraws - WordPress website

The Value Waste Procession and Inhabitance are supported by the Wellington City Council Public Art Fund.