Indoor Sports Centre Update

15 November 2010

With half the structure already in place, the Indoor Community Sports Centre on Cobham Drive in Kilbirnie is rapidly taking shape.

Over one hundred people are working to get the centre completed by August 2011

Over one hundred people are working to get the centre completed by August 2011

Project Manager Jim Coard says the curved roof form and staggered concrete wall panels are now showing what the building will be like when completed.

"Passers-by may have noticed workmen taking advantage of the recent fine weather and working on the roof, which will have several layers - it will be a thick sandwich of perforated aluminium ceiling, insulation and an outer layer.

"Twelve of the bow trusses - the main supports which hold the roof up - out of the 16 have been put up and the final roof sheeting will begin soon using a special machine that will roll out the aluminium sheets out. Roofing progresses well when we get nice fine weather and it's not too windy!"

The roof, which is due to be completed by March next year, is one of the most significant elements of the building and a special aluminium roof system is being used for the first time in New Zealand.

"Although very shiny and reflective when installed, the outer layer of the aluminium roofing system will dull over time due to oxidisation caused by atmosphere and the salt-laden seaside air. The appearance and finish of the roof will be similar to that of the nearby Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre. Roof maintenance and renewal upkeep costs have been negligible since the aquatic centre opened over 20 years ago", says Jim.

"This aluminium is incredibly durable and will last at least 70 years in the tough marine environment. This together with high insulation qualities will reduce noise levels."

The ICSC, designed by architects Tennent + Brown and engineered by SKM, is expected to be completed around August 2011 and, as well as a much-awaited venue for community sport, will be available for use for indoor training by Wellington-based teams during Rugby World Cup 2011.