Groups Invited to Meet New Mayor & Councillors

9 November 2010

Local organisations big and small that play a role in Wellington City are invited to meet the new Mayor and Councillors in early December to talk about their aspirations for their group and the city.

"Our city is made up of a tremendous number of organisations, whether they are business or sports groups or residents associations or ethnic organisations. They all play an important role," says Mayor Celia Wade-Brown.

"The best way for the Council to engage is to sit down and really listen to them to learn about their goals and their aspirations for the city."

Mayor Wade-Brown says the meetings are about more than getting to know each other.

"We know that the city is facing financial pressures and I want to use these meetings as a way to discuss with these groups how we can tackle this issue. For example, the Council is facing huge costs associated with leaky buildings."

Mayor Wade-Brown says the meetings are intended for any organisation that wants to meet with the Council and feels it has a role to play in the city's future.

"We are trialling this as a new way to engage with people. I appreciate that we won't be able to meet all groups but we hope to meet a cross-section."

Mayor Wade-Brown says there will be other opportunities in the future for people to meet with her and Councillors ? and this day is in addition to some excellent briefings for the incoming Council from social, creative and business leaders.

The meetings will take place at Te Papa on Wednesday 1 December between 9.30am and 6.30pm. Spaces are strictly limited. Interested groups should call the Council on (04) 499 4444, email, or register online:

Meet the Mayor & Councillors - Registration Form