Council Community Profile Tool

22 November 2010

We've just launched a new website that gives you all sorts of socio-demographic information about Wellington and its individual suburbs.

For those of us who aren't researchers or analysts, this simply means we're now able to find all kinds of statistics about Wellingtonians at the click of a mouse.

This could be a handy tool for community groups who want to target their services for specific people, for people who want to set up a small business or for students doing a research project.

All the information is easy to use - you don't have to be a statistician to understand it. It's formatted to present population data in clear, simple tables and charts.

Here at the Council we will use it to better understand how the city is changing so we can better plan the services and infrastructure Wellingtonians will need in the future. Not only does the data tell us about Wellingtonians now in each suburb, it also indicates how populations are going to look a decade or two in the future.

Check out the Community Profiles tool - it's free for all to use. Go to the Community Profiles section on our Facts and Figures web page:

About Wellington - Facts and Figures