Built Heritage Grants

1 November 2010

The unique windows in Karori's Futuna Chapel, are getting much-needed repairs, thanks to a Council grant.

Nick Bevin (Friends of Futuna Charitable Trust) admires the windows

Nick Bevin (Friends of Futuna Charitable Trust) admires the windows

Described in the Council's Heritage Building Inventory as a 'brilliant essay in geometry' and a 'building of great beauty', the chapel is a wonderful example of the Modernist movement in architecture. It was designed by architect John Scott, and artist Jim Allen designed its distinctive coloured perspex windows.

The chapel, completed in 1961, now belongs to the Friends of Futuna Charitable Trust which this year, through our Built Heritage Incentive Fund, received a grant of $10,000 to repair and restore the sacristy windows and external doors.

The Built Heritage Incentive Fund helps with conserving the city's heritage-listed buildings and objects.

Grants from the fund are allocated three times a year. The closing date for the current round is 5.00pm on Tuesday 30 November. You can get help with applications by phoning (04) 803 8562 or going to the Grants List on this website:

Grants List