Six Week Countdown to New Central City Bus Route

18 October 2010

The kerbs are going in, the new road is in place and work to pave the footpaths on either side of the new busway through Manners Mall has just begun.

Over the next few weeks, two paving gangs will be working in the area at times to get the new footpaths laid as quickly as possible. Accessways will be in place to ensure people can still access all the shops and businesses.

Wellington City Council's Infrastructure Director Stavros Michael says the project has not been without incident but is progressing well and is on track to have buses running through the more direct new route from Sunday 28 November.

"We'll have to put up with the barriers and artificial grass for a month or so yet, but we're on the home straight now," he says. "This has been a huge and difficult job in a very busy part of the city. We're very grateful for the patience that businesses and retailers in the area and Wellingtonians have shown so far."

Mr Michael says the early months of the project were plagued by extremely wet weather but with the worst of the excavation and concreting work now virtually complete, people will begin to see these areas taking shape.

Downer have completed the reconstruction and paving work in Willis Street, on all but one corner at the intersection of Willis and Manners streets, and outside Mr Thank You on the corner of Victoria and Manners streets.

"Work took longer than anticipated in some places but the new paving, kerbs and crossing points in these areas are all looking very good," he says. "It is our intention that all of the work along the new two-way bus route will be completed to this high standard so these areas are an indication of how the whole area will look soon."

Over the next six weeks, all the remaining paving work will be completed, the new route will be resealed and new bus stops will be developed near Arty Bees Books and Burger King in Manners Street. The umbrella will be reinstalled in Cuba Mall near Dixon Street.

Transfield Services has been working through the night since early September to install shiny new trolley bus wiring along the new route so that the city's electric buses will be able to travel in both directions through Willis and Manners street. The new shared space will be developed in lower Cuba Street next year.