New Reservoirs for Karori

22 October 2010

Work to replace two Karori reservoirs is expected to start in the next few weeks and locals can do their bit during the construction by conserving water, particularly over the summer months.

Work will start soon on the Karori reservoirs

Work will start soon on the Karori reservoirs

The Messines Road reservoirs directly supply water to 9,000 people and feed six more Karori reservoirs that serve another 4,800 so they are an essential part of Karori's water supply network.

Wellington City Council Infrastructure Director Stavros Michael says the $6 million project is expected to take up to two-and-a-half years to complete and has been designed to meet the area's needs for the next 75 years.

"The existing reservoirs were built in 1925 and 1935 and have served the suburb well but they are past their use-by dates and need to be replaced with larger, more earthquake-resistant tanks," he says.

"We make sure that all our new reservoirs provide for future population growth and are strong enough to withstand a decent-sized earthquake."

The new reservoirs will together hold six million litres - more than two Olympic-sized pools and nearly twice the existing 3.5 million litre capacity. When they are finished they will be buried, covered with topsoil and grass and will look more attractive than the existing ones.

To help ensure the water supply is not affected during construction, the reservoirs will be replaced one by one. In addition, a bypass pipe will be constructed to help ensure usual water supplies can be maintained.

Stavros says local residents need to assist by not wasting water and complying with any Wellington-wide water restrictions.

"People should remember restrictions are in place year-round and be aware that we will be patrolling in Karori more regularly while this work is carried out to help ensure we don't end up having supply issues."

A hand-held hose or watering can may be used at any time but garden sprinklers should only be used between 6.00am - 8.00am and 7.00pm - 9.00pm on alternate days. If you have an even-numbered address, you can use sprinklers on even days of the month and vice versa for odd-numbered addresses.

The first tasks to construct the reservoirs will be to fence the site and install the bypass pipe. A stretch of Messines Road near the site will be reduced to one lane at times, including while site access for trucks is created. Once the demolition work begins, there will be trucks coming and going from the site as concrete and earth are removed.

The project is being managed by Council-owned organisation Capacity Infrastructure Services.

Anyone interested in finding out more can come along to a public briefing at 7.30pm Wednesday 27 October at the Karori Community Centre in Beauchamp Street.

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