Easier City Parking on Sundays

16 September 2010

People wanting to make use of the city centre on Sundays should find it easier to find an on-street parking spot as a result of a move by the Wellington City Council.

Pay-and-display and metered parking in the central city will still be free but a new two-hour limit will apply to provide greater turn-over.

The Council held a month-long consultation on the idea, and received 81 written submissions and four oral submissions, all of which were evenly split between those who did and those who did not support the time limit. The New Zealand Retailers Association supported the move.

The Council's Strategy and Policy Committee today voted in favour of the change but it still needs to be finally considered at the full Council meeting on Wednesday 29 September.

"This is really good news for people who like to make use of the central city on Sundays, and for city retailers," said Mayor Kerry Prendergast, the Council's Transport Portfolio Leader. "It should make it easier for people to spend time in the city shopping, dining or walking along the waterfront.

"Sunday shopping has become increasingly popular in recent years and, with some people parking in the central city for the whole day, others are missing out on short-term parks. Those who can't find parking probably get irritated and go shopping elsewhere.

"We've decided to go with the two-hour maximum because there already is a two-hour time limit on Saturday parking in the central city, so the Sunday parking will work in the same way."

The time restrictions will apply to 3,400 central city pay-and-display and metered parks from 8.00am to 6.00pm.