Property Reports

2 August 2010

Just a couple of clicks online and you can apply for a Land Information Memorandum (LIM), or one of our property reports.

Property reports can now be ordered online

Property reports can now be ordered online

"Previously people had to make a trip to the Council buildings and pay at the counter," says LIM team leader Mark McKessar. "Now they can apply from the comfort of their own home."

Mark says investing in a LIM report can save property owners in the long term, because they'll obtain information known only to the Council.

"An excellent example of why people should get a LIM was a couple who recently decided to sell their property. They purchased a LIM and discovered an outstanding building consent and a complaint against the property from previous years, before they became the owner. They were able to get these resolved before they sold their property - and this meant they achieved a faster, cleaner sale."

To access this online service go to:

LIM & Property Reports