Botanic Garden Parking

16 August 2010

We're looking to introduce pay and display parking throughout the Botanic Garden. This includes at Anderson Park, Seddon Memorial, the Skyline at the top of the Cable Car and the Lady Norwood Rose Garden.

Parking beside the Lady Norwood Rose Garden may become pay and display

Parking beside the Lady Norwood Rose Garden may become pay and display

Botanic Garden Manager David Sole says one of the most common complaints from visitors is that they can't find a park.

"We see introducing pay and display as a way to address this.

"At the moment, we have a system that says you can only park for up to two hours. However, this is frequently abused - leaving no room for anyone else."

It's proposed to charge $2 an hour for up to two hours at a time.

"We also want the ability to enforce the 'no parking on yellow lines' rule," says David.

"Many motorists do it, and they end up blocking the road and footpaths and obscuring sightlines, which is a danger to motorists and pedestrians. Tourist buses also find it difficult to leave the Garden when cars are parked on yellow lines."

The proposal will soon go to the Council's Strategy and Policy Committee. If the committee agrees, the proposal will go out for public consultation. This will be your chance to have a say.

If it goes ahead, the machines would be in place at the end of October. Any revenue generated from the meters would go into maintaining the Garden's infrastructure.