Liquor Ban

5 July 2010

We're extending our 24-hour liquor ban to include Newtown and Mount Cook.

Bottles left in a park after a drinking session

Bottles left in a park after a drinking session

A liquor ban, which prohibits people from drinking or carrying liquor in public places, currently covers the central business district, Oriental Bay, Mount Victoria Lookout, Aro Valley and Central Park.

Councillors voted to extend the ban at a Council meeting on 25 June to include Newtown and Mount Cook. The extension will come into effect on 10 August.

The move follows a month-long consultation process in which we asked people whether they wanted a city-wide liquor ban.

We received 604 submissions on the proposal: 462 opposed a city-wide ban, 134 supported it and eight were unsure.

The Council's Citizen Engagement Director, Wendy Walker, says the Council listened to residents and decided not to impose a city-wide ban. "The public told Councillors they want to be able to have a social drink at a picnic on the beach or at the park and that a city-wide ban was too heavy-handed.

However people in Newtown and Mount Cook are having problems with antisocial drinking in their parks and streets and the Council has done something about that by extending the ban to those suburbs."