Gambling Venues Policy

5 July 2010

On Friday 25 June, Council approved the amended Gambling Venues Policy, which covers the number and location of pokie machines (class 4 non-casino gaming machines) and Totaliser Agency Boards (TAB) in the Wellington district.

Pokie machines

Pokie machines

The new policy approach sets a population-based limit of one gambling (pokie) machine per 300 people in the city's suburbs. This means that over time, as venues change their licensing conditions, there will be a gradual decline in pokie numbers in the capped suburban zones with targeted 'areas of concern'.

The central city will continue to have no restrictions on the number of pokies or pokie venues.

An electronic copy of the final policy can be viewed in the Plans / Policies section of this website. A printed copy of the final policy can be obtained from Wellington City Council by contacting:

Sharon Bennett
Phone: (04) 803 8161