Council Grants

13 July 2010

If your organisation has a project that needs funding, we may be able to help through our grants scheme for a wide range of projects.

Sasha Gilbert (NZ Historic Places Trust) at Red Rocks

Sasha Gilbert (NZ Historic Places Trust) at Red Rocks

Our General Grants have four sections ('pools') - social, cultural, environmental and economic. If you're involved with a sport or recreation organisation, you'll be interested in our Sports Development Grants, which can provide professional advice and support to enhance strategic management.

We encourage the conservation of our city's heritage-listed buildings and objects through the Built Heritage Incentive Fund, which relates to buildings and objects listed in the District Plan.

Those with a creative bent will be interested in the Creative Communities Local Funding Scheme, which supports and encourages local communities to create and present arts activities.

There's also a fund that distributes funds to community organisations serving socially disadvantaged young Wellingtonians, the Joe Aspell Trust, which can cover things like care, maintenance, upbringing, education and general welfare.

Application timing

By 5.00pm 30 July - General Grants, Sports Development Grants and the Built Heritage Fund

By 5.00pm 31 August - Creative Communities Scheme, Joe Aspell Trust