World Cup Heroes: Event Planning Underway

25 June 2010

Wellington Mayor Kerry Prendergast says discussions have started with Football New Zealand and the Government about a suitable event to welcome home and salute the All Whites.

"Clearly the whole country has been blown away by what Ricki Herbert and the team have done in the past fortnight - so we are talking about how we can celebrate their achievements in the best possible way."

Many of the team members are expected to fly back to New Zealand by the end of this weekend and Mayor Prendergast expects fans to cram Auckland Airport and Wellington Airport to welcome them home.

However she says Ricki Herbert is not expected back in the country for another week. "And I think most people would agree that we want Ricki to be part of any big celebration."

In terms of a celebration in Wellington, in which Ricki Herbert and at least the Phoenix-based All Whites can appear, Mayor Prendergast says early discussions are around the buildup to the friendly match between the Phoenix and Boca Juniors from Argentina at the Westpac Stadium on 23 July.