Toi Poneke's Seatoun Hall

21 June 2010

'Let's rehearse!' can be a tough call for Wellington thespians. Theatre rehearsal spaces in central Wellington can be cramped, noisy and regularly booked out.

Space generally can't be booked for longer than a couple of hours, let alone large enough to install a set.

But a solution's now available, thanks to the Toi Pōneke Arts Centre. It manages the Seatoun Scout Hall and rents it out for theatre rehearsals. It's a large airy hall just 15 minutes drive from the city centre. Hiring the hall gives performers sole use of the hall, so theatre productions can practise undisturbed for hours on end, and can also leave their set installed for weeks if they need to.

One of the hall's regular users is Taki Rua Productions, who tour total immersion Māori theatre throughout the country.

They say the hall is a great space to rehearse and perform in.

For more information about the hall phone (04) 385 1929.