Strengthening Ngaio Gorge

8 June 2010

Another section of Ngaio Gorge Road is undergoing strengthening to help protect the road in major earthquakes and storms.

Strengthening work on Ngaio Gorge

Strengthening work on Ngaio Gorge

The seventh of eight sections of steep slope below the road is now being stabilised and strengthened with an anchored 'soldier pile' wall.

The 30-metre section of wall - with the steel piles driven up to 20 metres down into the slope and then anchored horizontally - is being constructed by contractor Fulton Hogan to designs by Opus International Consultants.

City Council project manager Scott Kirkland says the $1 million wall is due for completion in September and means the Council is "on the home straight" in terms of completing the seven-year programme to bolster the road.

Ngaio Gorge is considered an essential access road linking Wellington city to the north.

The strengthening work is part of a citywide strategy designed to protect and upgrade key routes.