Keeping Drains Clear

14 June 2010

Autumn leaves and rains are falling and we want you to help us keep the city's drains clear by removing leaves and other rubbish from your gutters and roadside drains.

CitiOperations worker clears a drain

CitiOperations worker clears a drain

Our staff maintain the city's drainage network. CitiOperations Manager Mike Mendonca says heavy rain a couple of weeks ago caused a few issues with flooding in parts of the city because drains were blocked with leaves.

"This is a friendly reminder to residents that leaves have been falling and blocking drains, and there's already been flooding on the roads," he says.

"There are about 12,000 roadside drains in Wellington city. My advice is to take the time to make sure that roadside drains near your home are not covered over by any leaves or debris - or blocked by things like plastic bottles or plastic bags. Also, remember not to park on the sump grate.

"Doing this could save some serious heartache for you and your neighbours."

However, he says to keep safety in mind. If there's a lot of traffic near your drains - or if the situation is otherwise hazardous - it's best to steer clear and instead call us on (04) 499 4444 and we'll send someone out to fix the problem.