Works in Willis Street

31 May 2010

Work starting this week at the intersection of Willis and Mercer streets is part of the project to create a quicker, more direct bus route via Manners Street.

Work starts on Manners Mall

Work starts on Manners Mall

We have to remove the central traffic island so that buses can travel in both directions along Willis Street. We'll then widen the road between Mercer and Manners streets.

The changes are among several that have to happen along the Golden Mile over the next few months to help improve bus services through the city.

Once buses are using the new route, a shared public space will be developed in lower Cuba Street, which will improve pedestrian links between Cuba Mall, Civic Square and the waterfront. Work in Manners Mall is expected to begin in mid-June.

These are big changes but we believe they will improve the city and the way people get around it. Please take extra care near work sites.

For more information check the Golden Mile project page (see below) or phone (04) 499 4444.