Lighting up Cyclists' Lives this Winter

4 May 2010

Winter is just a month away and daylight saving has already kicked in. Many Wellingtonians cycling home from work are now riding in dark and dangerous conditions.

Throughout this month, Wellington City Council staff and the police will be out talking with cyclists as part of our annual safety campaign. Cyclists who are not visible enough will be stopped and given temporary lights and vouchers offering a 20 percent discount on reflective gear and lights at Capital Cycles and Mud Cycles.

The Council's Urban Development and Transport Portfolio Leader, Councillor Andy Foster, says the Council is committed to reminding Wellington cyclists to use adequate lighting and reflective gear this winter.

"At this time of year it's already dark by the time a lot of people leave work. It makes it more difficult for drivers to see them if they don't have sufficient lights on the front and back of their bikes.

"Cyclists must make an effort to be seen while on the road. The law requires their lights to be seen from 100 metres away and to be wearing reflective clothing or use yellow pedal reflectors. Obviously it is in the best interest of the cyclist to be as safe as possible," says Cr Foster.

These lights and clothing equipment are laws, not suggestions, and are outlined in the New Zealand Code for Cyclists (2009 edition) issued by the NZ Transport Agency.

Even during the day, cyclists should wear lights and reflective gear if it is gloomy. They should also remember to check their batteries regularly.

If you need a light and would like a bike voucher, please phone the Council on (04) 499 4444.